9 inch Bamboo Steamer Liner Perforated Parchment Paper

bamboo steamer liner

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Bamboo Steamer Liner Description

As a bamboo steamer manufacturer, MEGA HOME is competent to provide their customers and other steamer lovers with the best liners. MEGA HOME is a company that's notable in the design and construction of kitchenware and house decorative materials. Meanwhile, their landmark is quality and reliability. They want their buyers to purchase products knowing that they have bought the best products money could buy.

The design of this bamboo steamer liner is classic; perforated holes in parchment paper is a sign of intelligence. These holes will enable the bamboo steamer to heat up quickly and aid in the faster circulation of heat. The 9-inch size is a perfect match for bamboo steamers of 9 and 10-inch diameters.

By placing it in your bamboo steamer, you will be preventing the sticking of meals to the bamboo steamer's base. With the bamboo steamer liner, you will have a quick and stress-free cleaning of the bamboo steamers because there won't be any mess at the steamer's bottom.

bamboo steamer liner


Using a bamboo steamer liner will also make your cooking attractive and intellectual. The meals will look better lying on the smooth parchment surface than on the bamboo. Meanwhile, it's going to be covering the slits in the base of the bamboo steamer. And to some degree, it will act as a barrier between the boiling water in the wok and the meal in the steamer.

This bamboo steamer liner is one of a kind. It's built to withstand high temperatures. This parchment liner will take on 428 degrees Fahrenheit in a normal condition without changing in color and size or melting.

I am talking about 220-degree temperature in Celsius- isn't that awesome? The color of the paper used in its construction is white so that no stains or paint will be formed on your meals whenever the liner is heated.

You can use this bamboo steamer liner for any meal, be it rice, buns, dim sum, or dumplings.

you are good to go with this parchment. Another thing is that this piece of paper is multipurpose. You can also use it as a liner for your air fryer. It also works nicely in the air fryer. The precut bamboo steamer is already made perfect for users. There is no need to reshape or punch holes in it. Just buy one and place it at the bottom of the bamboo steamer.

How to use this bamboo steamer liner

The usage of this bamboo steamer liner is easy and straightforward. Just make sure it's clean and place it in the bottom of your bamboo steamer. It has to be beneath the meals you wanted to steam.

The cleaning of this bamboo steamer liner is also simple. Just wash with soap and avoid hard scrubbing to prevent tearing. Meanwhile, always handle with care because of the perforated holes on it.


  • High resistivity to melting
  • Doesn't change food taste
  • It aids in faster heat circulation


  • Somewhat expensive

bamboo steamer liner


bamboo steamer liner

bamboo steamer liner bamboo steamer liner

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