Bamboo Steamer 12 Inch with 2 Tier for Buns and Dumplings

bamboo steamer 12 inch

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The Description Of Bamboo Steamer 12 Inch

Sourced and manufactured in China, Guangzhou Mega Home is one of the most reputable and reliable brands in the bamboo steamer basket business. Since its inception, The Company has not gone weary in going above and beyond to acquire the best bamboo material to design and construct their products. Meanwhile, the outputs are always impressive and embedded with high qualities, thanks to the great crafters working with the company.

bamboo steamer 12 inch

The 2-Tier bamboo steamer 12 inch basket is a good representation of the brand's ingenuity. It also symbolizes their diligence towards providing kitchen users and restaurants with quality and healthy bamboo steamer basket. This particular product is sourced from a bamboo farm that produces consistent good yield.

It's durable, healthy, and likewise, environmentally friendly. According to the manufacturers, this bamboo will do just fine in food service sector, the same as in the kitchen.

It's crafted from 100% bamboo material for strength and ergonomic nature. The use of chemicals is avoided in the construction and preservation processes. Therefore, it's free of unpleasant chemicals that may want to disrupt the existing natural and fresh scents in your kitchen.

All components, including the lid, are made of bamboo to make it ergonomic in all kinds of kitchens and restaurants. Areas with wooden materials are the best places to position it, and you will also want to store some fruits and vegetables in it.bamboo steamer 12 inch

Its preservative nature is another fantastic feature. This steamer will preserve a larger percentage of your food nutrients, flavor, and aroma. Meanwhile, the aroma of your steamed meat or fish will fill your restaurant, and every customer will desire to have a taste of what you are preparing in your kitchen. Cooking Asian traditional meal has never been more comfortable and perfect; this bamboo steamer will give you the exact and intended results.

The design is gorgeous and functional. Its shape is perfectly round, and the slits are narrow, allowing nothing but only heat to rise into the steamer. The cover fits tightly with the basket and prevent the escape of heat, therefore, keeping your meals warm and ready to serve even some hours after steaming. Don't forget that it's two tiers. It simply means you can cook two meals simultaneously- isn't that cool?

Features Of bamboo steamer 12 inch

  • 100% bamboo material
  • Ergonomic design
  • 2-tiers bamboo basket and each is of 12-inch size
  • A tight-fitting lid
  • Very preservative


  • It preserves vast amounts of your meal's nutrient and flavor
  • Heat retention
  • Durable
  • Very affordable


  • No extra stick nor bamboo liners

How to use the bamboo steamer

The first thing is to line the bamboo steamer with parchment or liner. This is done to prevent the food substance from sticking to the base of the steamer.

Then you place and arrange your dumplings or buns such that there will be some spacing between them.

The next step is to fill your Wok with water and place your bamboo steamer in it, but ensure that the water level is beneath the bamboo steamer and cannot rise into the basket when heated.

Care for the steamer

The steamer can be washed using warm water and a sponge. You should avoid the use of detergent or dishwasher in the cleaning of this bamboo steamer basket. Also, don't soak this steamer, and when it's washed, let it dry thoroughly.

Product detail


Bamboo steamer 12 inch
Material 100% natural bamboo
Shape Round
Size 10cm,14cm,18cm,20cm,21cm,22cm,23cm,24cm,25cm,26cm,27cm,28cm,29cm,30cm,
47cm,48cm,49cm,52cm,60cm, Your size also available
Color White, green (NOTE: both is natural color)
Product Price Competitive factory price. The price in Alibaba is naked production, pls be noted
Package Cartons, 40pcs/carton, ctn size: 62*42*62 ,or customized
Features Eco friendly, Durable,LOGO print available,Easy carry, Polishing, decent, smooth, natural, convenient and insect-resistant, healthy, pure handmake,non-glue
User Restaurants, hotels, family kitchen
MOQ 500 piece

bamboo steamer

bamboo steamer bamboo steamer bamboo steamer


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