It is so great that people of the world have started adopting the usage of bamboo steamer in cooking. And even now, some people prefer it over the electric steamers. The steamer is recognized for its exceptional ability to retain food nutrients and keeps cooking naturally.

Why need to use the bamboo steamer liner?

Although it is made of organic materials, the bamboo steamer stands the chance of lasting for years provided that all instructions are followed. Its maintenance is headache-free. For easy washing, the steamer is soaked in warm waters for some minutes, after which it is washed under running water.

Despite its aesthetic and environmentally friendly features, some people detest its usage because it has once messed up their meal. Moreover, this issue was one of the people's complaints when bamboo steamers were first marketed to the public. However, it can be easily dealt with by lining the bamboo steamer basket.

The awful situation occurs when the heat from the pot or wok causes the dumplings to stick to the basket. The user may lose half of the meal if patience is not exercised. But to avoid this disappointing event, a liner can be used to prevent the direct contact of the food substance with the steamer. Bamboo steamer liner can be a parchment, paper, leaf, or any material that won't add or remove the real flavor of the meal.

The material must allow the passage of steam. The thickness of the paper does not matter. Thick liners will get soak up during cooking. Moreover, the strength of a bamboo steamer liners depends on the quality of the material used in its production.

An example of a good bamboo steamer liner is a parchment paper with perforated holes. Some brands do add liners as extras for a purchase of a bamboo steamer. And it is available for procurement at physical and online stores. However, this article aims at training you on how to create a liner for your bamboo steamer basket using the DIY [do it yourself] method.

How to make the bamboo steamer liner?

Materials and instrument needed:

  • Papers
  • Scissors
  • Bamboo steamer

Here are the steps to make your bamboo steamer liners:

Cut the paper to size

You can get a baking paper or a precut paper sheet. Then place this sheet on your bamboo steamer to measure the liner. The measurement to take must be a perfectly square shape that can cover the bamboo steamer completely with increment at the sides and edges.

bamboo steamer liner

Folding the sheet

The second step is to fold the paper into four equal compartments. In essence, fold into half and then fold again. Press hard on the folding lines for the parchment to lay flat.

bamboo steamer liner

Cutting away the excess paper

Remember that the size of the paper you cut in the first step is bigger than your bamboo steamer. Now it's the time to get rid of the excess crimps.

  • Firstly, place the edge that happens to be the center of the unfolded paper in the midpoint of the basket.

bamboo steamer

  • Then use the tip of your finger or a metallic key holder to tuck the paper along the interior edge of the steamer. This will turn the folded shape into a circle quadrant with the excess rumpled together. Now, you can use the scissors to get rid of the excess.

bamboo steamer

Perforating holes on the sheet

You are thinking of using a perforating machine, I guess? That will do it, but there is another easy method that will produce stylish holes on your liner.

Take the following steps to create holes on your parchment

  • Without unfolding the quadrant shaped paper, fold again like you want to form a cone with the center as the apex, but in this case flat. Fold twice to have a tinny segment shape.

bamboo steamer

  • Then use your scissors to produce holes of triangle or arc along the folding edges of the paper. Let it be of different sizes.

bamboo steamer

Open up the folding and crush on the beautiful bamboo steamer liner you have made

bamboo steamer

You can keep this bamboo steamer liner longer by washing and ironing it after every usage.


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