Bamboo Steamer Basket

  • Two stackable 7 Inch steaming tiers
  • A tight-fitting lid with top handle
  • Attractive unique Asian design
  • Long-lasting bamboo material
  • Heat retaining property
  • Product details
  • 7 Inch diameter
  • Two stackable layers plus one lid

7 Inch Bamboo Steamer baskets with 1 Lid


Bamboo Steamer Basket Description

A small but mighty product in all ramifications. This bamboo steamer basket is what you need for all your steaming at home. Its nutrient's preservative quality is highly remarkable. With this product, you are assured of keeping most of the flavor and minerals of your meals.

The aroma usually given off by this bamboo steamer basket is best described with the word alluring.  If I am into the restaurant business, this product will be my number one choice for steaming fish and meat. The aroma emanating from your kitchen will bring about more inflow of customers into your restaurant.

The absorptive power of this steamer is another great thing that makes it worthy of buying. Just add a spice, herb, or flavor to the water in the Wok, and be amazed by the way the flavor, and taste of the added substance begin to show up on your duns or dumplings.

The design and construction of this steamer are Asian- 100% bamboo with perfect roundness. Another incredible thing about the design of this product is the lifting handle present on the top of the lid. This handle is tightly fitted to the cover and provides easy lifting to the user. With it, you can remove the steamer's lid without having to wear a glove or any protective.

7 Inch Bamboo Steamer baskets with 1 Lid

Moving to the bottom of this bamboo steamer basket. The slits are equally spaced to each other and likewise tiny to prevent the entry of rising water from the Wok into the steamer. Its frames are hardcore, holding every member together and prevents disassembling when the steamer accidentally falls on the ground.

The ergonomic nature of this steamer comes from its small size and compactness. It can stay in any part of your house and restaurant. Meanwhile, it won't take much space, and you can use it for storing your vegetables and fruits. This bamboo steamer basket will blend well with other furniture and organic material in the environment.

There are two-tiers of the steamer in this product, and they can easily be stacked on each other. They fit tightly together when stacked, and works great when used to steam together. The lid also performs a good job in ensuring that no heat is conserved and does not leave the steamer quickly.

The maintenance of this bamboo steamer basket is not difficult. No need for detergent- All you just need to do is to rinse it in water and dry it outside the house. It's also advisable that you rub its body with little vegetable oil to prevent the drying out of the bamboo.

7 Inch Bamboo Steamer baskets with 1 Lid


  • It keeps food warm for a long period
  • It preserves the flavor, nutrients, and minerals of food material
  • It gives off an appealing aroma while in use
  • Storage is not difficult
  • It's environmentally friendly
  • Cooking is safe with this steamer


  • No chopsticks and liners
  • 7 Inch size is small for some purposes

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