This is the first article of my blog, I hope to introduce some useful knowledge about bamboo steamer to you.

Recently I suddenly thought that some of the daily kitchen tools I’ve always used may not be in everyone's sight. So I decided to share with you why I love them and how to use these tools.

Below are the bamboo utensils I often use in my kitchen. They not only make my life more convenient, but also add a lot of fun. Make my diet lighter and healthier.

Bamboo Steamer Basket

The first thing I will introduce to you is the bamboo steamer basket. You may ask me: why you love them and use them every day? Because I think it is a quick way to create a healthy dinner in several minutes. And not lose nourishment and taste.

How to Use Bamboo Steamer Basket to Cook Rice

I think the bamboo steamer basket is the most creative inventions all the time. Which doesn't need high technology and Complex cooking method. Just need a bamboo steamer and a pot of boiling water, then wait about 10 minutes, you can enjoy delicious food. There is nothing simpler than this.

Of course you can use steamer made from other materials, but none of them have a smell of bamboo. The water does not fall off the lid of the steamer and drips onto the food. It would evaporate through the steamer top slowly. This is the way I eat for several times a week.

Since then, I don't boil vegetable anymore. Because some of the nutrients are lost. Instead, the steam can lock the nutrients and moisture. Which is a cooler way to cook foods. You just put some vegetable and spice, wait several minutes then enjoy your delicious food.

Broccoli, kale and carrots combine with slices of sweet onion and garlic are my favorite. Sometimes I toss 2 slices of lemon and a little herb on pieces of fish to make a perfect meal.

How to Use Bamboo Steamer Basket to Cook Rice

Cook fast and fresh

At the end of the process, you can drop a little flax oil or extra-virgin olive oil, If you like sour taste, just add little probiotic cider vinegar on the top of this food.

I often eat different vegetables as the season and taste change. Fresh green beans, snap peas, collard greens and baby turnips are good. Sometimes, I change my aromatics according to a different mood.

When you open the steamer lid, you’ll smell a puff of aromatic steam to you. And If you like, you can take the steamer lid to the table, where you can uncover the gauze and witness the magical moment.

Be honest, the bamboo basket is designed to be used with the frying pan. You can also use cast iron pots as a base to boil water or use other similar sized pots.

How to Use Bamboo Steamer Basket to Cook Rice


3 Tips

  • According to the vegetables cooking time to cut them. For example, potatoes you can cut to slices and broccoli cut bigger pieces.
  • Put large vegetables on the top of the steamer and leafy greens such as chard on the bottom of it.
  • To lock the taste and color, don’t overcook the vegetable, because they will change color and lost nutrition. Most of the time, I cook them for about 7 minutes.

If you want to add more flavor to your food, you can replace water with broth. And you can infuse subtle flavor by spread corn husks, banana leaves or shiso leaves at the bottom of the bamboo steamer.

Bamboo In-Drawer Knife Block

This is my second loved thing in kitchen tool.

The bamboo in-drawer knife block can save your kitchen space, make your kitchen looks more orderly, and more importantly, protect your fingers from injury.


  • You can fit about ten knives according to the size of your knife.
  • It keeps your knife handy when you need it and keeps your kitchen tidy.
  • It's made of bamboo, a healthy renewable resource.
  • Can be put in standard kitchen drawer fitly, save kitchen space.
  • Can effectively prevent the blade from becoming blunt and prolong the service life of the knife.

How to Use Bamboo Steamer Basket to Cook Rice

The maintenance of the bamboo in-drawer knife block is simple. Just wash it with warm water and let it dry. If you want to extend its life, just coat with olive oil and it will look shiny for a long time.

  • Can fit all sizes of knives, from 3-inch to 13-inch knives;
  • Knives don't slide out, which means more safe.
  • Easy to put it in when you're done and take it out when you need it.
  • Fits in a small drawer to make room for other kitchen tools.


Bamboo Cutting Boards

Plastic cutting boards were popular in the past,because they were light and cheap. What's more, it contains a chemical that can kills bacteria, but studies have shown that the plastic cutting board also breeds antibiotic-resistant bacteria that humans are susceptible to.

Many people think that using bamboo cutting boards is not clean, but this is wrong.When you clean properly, the bacteria can be easily washed away, and some bacteria trapped in the texture will die quickly.Plastic cutting boards are more likely to be contaminated than bamboo ones because they can spread antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Bamboo chopping board is a bamboo plate placed on the hearth to prevent damage when cutting vegetables. In the past, the boards are made from wood and plastic, but because of easy loss and the plastic damage, Now more and more people use bamboo chopping boards.

How to Use Bamboo Steamer Basket to Cook Rice

how to choose the cutting boards

In the purchase of bamboo cutting board, do not buy the kind of color is particularly white, you'd better to smell it, if there is a sour taste, it is likely to be fumigated and bleached with sulfur, or glue, and glue contains harmful substances.It is best to choose the glue-free adhesive, that is, completely adopt the technology of bolt fastening.

Maintenance of cutting board

Even with bamboo cutting board, every day after cutting vegetables, also had better sterilize the board, can use the following methods: scrub and wash.Scrub the board with a hard brush and clean water, then scald it with boiling water and leave it to dry in the sun, which can prevents bacteria from growing.

Bamboo spatula

Bamboo spatula is made of bamboo. It is milder and more protective than stainless steel.

Generally speaking, bamboo spatula has the following characteristics:

Nature and green

Bamboo spatula is made of 100% natural, keeping you away from chemicals and heavy metals. Its sustainability and environmental characteristics make more and more people like to use it.Bamboo's natural antibacterial properties make bamboo spatula truly unique in the kitchen.

Save kitchen space

Bamboo spatula is convenient for storage. The handle usually has a hole in it so you can hang it on the wall or put it in a drawer when you're not using it, saving space in the kitchen.

good for gifts

If your friends or family member loves cooking, give it to her as a gift. It is the perfect, most affordable gift and she will love cooking more in the future.

Why I choose them

You may ask me:Why do you like them so much? well, there are several reasons that i like them.

Natural tools

Bamboo products are very convenient to use. He added a natural feel to the kitchen. If you give your friend a set of bamboo utensils as gifts, he will love it.

Resistant to heat and dirt

Bamboo heat resistance, if you burn it, roast to a certain degree, then cooling, at this time, the bamboo has a certain antiseptic, insect control role.
It's not easy to get dirty, but easy to clean.

Natural environmental protection features

The main reason for the growing popularity of bamboo kitchenware is its environmental friendliness. It is a renewable resource and eco-friendly. Bamboo grows very quickly and without the need for pesticides.
Many eco-conscious and frequent travelers use it as a cooking device for dinners and camping trips.


Compared to modern kitchenware, Bamboo kitchenware is very cheap. you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to buy it, Instead, you can buy a set of good quality bamboo tools for only a few dollars.


In recent years, bamboo kitchenware is favored by more and more people because of its convenience, environmental protection and low cost.In addition to mentioned above, there are many others tools, such as bamboo spoons, bamboo chopsticks and so on.

If you want to experience bamboo products, you can buy one to use. You will love them soon.

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