Bamboo Steamer Features

  • Bamboo steamer basket with Two-tier 10 Inch compartments
  • One tight cover
  • Unique traditional Asian design
  • Heat retaining property
  • 100% durable bamboo
  • Speedy cooking time
  • Perfectly round diameter
  • Made in a cool and environmentally friendly color
  • Product details

Bamboo Steamer Description

Dim sum, buns, and dumplings are traditional meals that have their ways of bringing friends and relatives to feast at the table and enjoy the joy of love and bonding. But despite their bonding power, people don't like preparing them because of the stress usually undergone, of which most comes from the unavailability of a big steamer that can handle all the cooking at once.

2-Tier with Cover Bamboo Steamer Basket for Dim Sum and Dumplings

However, that shouldn't be a challenge anymore with this 2-Tier 10 Inch Bamboo Steamer basket. The 10-inch diameter of this product makes it worthy of purchase. Just take a moment to imagine the number of dumplings you can prepare in one cooking. The excellent thing about the size is that it allows you to space your buns and prevent them from muddling together.

The design of this bamboo steamer basket is unique and based on traditional style. It's of a design that can serve cultural, commercial, and household purposes. Besides, the charming beauty of this product is that which will cause people to eat what comes out of it. Its ergonomic attribute makes it the best for any position in the house.

2-Tier with Cover Bamboo Steamer Basket for Dim Sum and Dumplings

Unlike those steel steamers that are only good for the kitchen, this bamboo steamer can stay in any part of your house. Meanwhile, it won't be a problem to find a position for this bamboo steamer basket in your restaurant. It will do well on your wooden furniture. At the same time, this steamer is presentable. You can serve dumplings to your customers in this steamer for them to have a total package of the traditional meal.

The serviceability of this bamboo steamer basket is on the same exceptional level as its appearance. The first to consider in this aspect is its durability which arises from the 100% bamboo material used in its construction. Meanwhile, credit goes to those weavers that put the material together for their expertise, patience, and diligence in ensuring a well-designed, and accident-free bamboo steamer.

The wall of this steamer is carved to sit perfectly in a Wok, and there's no need to get a special pot with it. My endorsement for this product is stimulated because of the tightness of the lid to the steamer. The two separate parts do join together as if there is a magnet pulling them toward each other. And the benefit of this tightness is speedy cooking. You will be getting your duns rolling out in a matter of a few minutes of steaming.

Another fascinating thing about this steamer is the degree at which it retains heat. Even after several hours of cooking, you will be surprised to find your dumplings and meats still hot and ready to serve without reheating.

2-Tier with Cover Bamboo Steamer Basket for Dim Sum and Dumplings

Usually, steamers with the heat-retaining quality do have problems with handling as users do get burnt while trying to remove them from the stove. However, the case is different for this product. The use of glove is not necessary while cooking with this bamboo steamer.

This description won't be accurate without pointing out that this bamboo steamer basket is of two-tiers. It means that there are two steaming compartments in just one single product. You can decide to use each separately, or perhaps stack them on each other for simultaneous cooking.


  • It keeps food warm for a longer time
  • It supports simultaneous steaming
  • It's multipurpose, that's it can be used to steam all kinds of food including fish and meat
  • It's accident-free
  • Very ergonomic
  • Highly presentable at cultural ceremonies and suitable for commercial use
  • It can be used to store vegetables
  • It's easy to maintain.
  • Durable
  • It can be stored at any place in the house.
  • It's affordable
  • It retains the freshness and nutrients of meals to a great extent


  • No steamer liner
  • No extra chopsticks

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