Bamboo Steamer Basket Chinese Kitchen Cookware Fish Cooker

Bamboo Steamer Basket Features:

  • Made of woven bamboo. Stackable 2 tiered steamer baskets.
  • For cooking vegetables, rice, fish, dim sum, Ideal for creating authentic Asian Chinese cuisine at home.
  • 100% Brand new and high quality.
  • Easy to use, simply place in or on top of any traditional wok, pan or stockpots.
  • Steam cooking helps to retain and preserves the natural flavours, vitamins, minerals, and colours of the food.
Name Bamboo Steamer
Round Shape or rectangle
Size 10cm,13cm,15cm,21cm or custom size
Material Mao bamboo
Color Natural color
Usage Meat,Rice,Baozi,Dim sum or other food
If you want to know more about bamboo steamer, please check here.
bamboo steamer basket bamboo steamer basket

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